Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why I like Freecycle

About a year ago I read a gardening article about "how to save money on gardening supplies" and in this article they mentioned that you could use freecycle to find gardening tools that you may need or give tools that you don't.

I didn't think anything more about it for several months and then I just decided that I needed to find a freecycle near me. I believe God led me to it. I went to the computer not really knowing what I would be finding and found http://www.freecycle.org/ . I punched in my location and found a Yahoo group in my town.

I watched this site for a few days. Then found stuff to put up. I really can't remember what I posted first. I got many replies hoping to get the item.
This is the fun part for me:
  • I love to hear the responses
  • what people may use it for
  • why they need it

It is wonderful knowing that you can help someone else. Isn't that what Jesus asks of us. While in my case I am also helping myself.

The feeling I get while giving that "thing" away is gratifying and relief. If I shouldn't keep this at least someone else needs it.

I first started with answering want ads. It was amazing it give this 55 gallon drum that came with one of our houses (could not take it to the dump because we didn't know what was in it). But the new owner was fine with that.

There are temptations to reply to offered items but if your careful and know what you are supposed to do they shouldn't affect you much.

I did get ice cube trays off of freecycle. They work so much better then the ones we had. I make sure to only reply to ads I NEED. After all now I actually can make ice. Doesn't everyone need ice.

The other problem I have encountered is you may be helping someone hoard. I would prefer not to enable someone. But you really never know. And short of taking all your "things" to the dump you can't stop it. I gave a bird cage to a woman that didn't need it and her husband didn't know she was getting it. In her response to me she said that she rescued birds and needed more cages. When we came with the cage she had a garage full of cages and shocked husband.

But she is an exception to the rule. At Least that is what I've found. The majority of those receiving items need them. It has really been a great help to know someone "needs" it.

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